Learnie helps the world learn.

Learnie is a project to give organizations, teams, schools, trainers, teachers, tutors and anyone sharing knowledge a way to create user-generated microlearning and share in a fun engaging way. Introduce concepts quickly, and the students or team members feel like they are having a conversation as the content washes over them with feedback happening every 30 seconds to verify their understanding.

This journey to create Learnie actually started a number of years ago as I ran a computer lab at Park Elementary in Baton Rouge under an Americorps program. Seeing the students learning in different ways and how technology helped personalize the learning was inspiring. I went on to spend over 20 years in the edtech space.

Jump ahead to 2020 and having children of my own having to distance learn during the pandemic got me finally to the point to launch Learnie. For teams, students, teachers, tutors and anyone that wants to share or learn. Our hope is this helps someone access some learning that makes a difference in their world. Thanks for checking us out.

Best wishes and hope you get to learn something today!



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