We want to help the world learn.

Learnie is a project to give teachers, tutors and anyone sharing knowledge a way to record and share content in a fun engaging way that takes the principles of microlearning to the next level with courses created from a series of bursts. Introduce concepts quickly, and the students feel like they are having a conversation as the content washes over them with feedback happening every 30 seconds to verify their understanding.

This journey to create Learnie actually started a number of years ago as I ran a computer lab at Park Elementary in Baton Rouge under an Americorps program. Seeing the students learning in different ways and the spread of student levels that technology helped the teacher manage was inspiring.

Jump ahead to 2020 and having children of my own having to distance learn during the pandemic got me finally to the point to launch Learnie. For students, teachers, tutors and anyone that wants to share or learn. Hopefully it helps a bit in this sea of blended learning we have launched into. Hopefully this helps someone access some learning that makes a difference in their world. Thanks for checking us out!

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How digital natives learn: Why consider microlearning for Gen Z and beyond?

Microlearning refers to learning in short micro-sized pieces instead of large chunks. The information online is generally broken down into small pieces and bits that are easily searchable, shareable, and visualize such as Google, Twitter or Facebook, and YouTube respectively.  Just like an information cafeteria where users can choose and pick exactly what attracts themContinue reading “How digital natives learn: Why consider microlearning for Gen Z and beyond?”

Why we think Learnie is cool

In this age of technology and the internet, there is a need for modern and smart learning strategies to teach millennials and digital natives. The computer and internet technology offers access to learning content and gaining information. The new generation uses a smartphone by choice and on their schedule, unlike an older generation who didn’tContinue reading “Why we think Learnie is cool”

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