The changing landscape of edtech is upon us.   There are learning management systems,  learning experience platforms, digital employee experience platforms, Learning record stores, SCORM, xAPI, authoring tools, standards, and more.   Education systems, training systems, certification platforms and more.    We are at a crossroads where entire new paradigms are being created and catching fire in today’s world on the backs of the new generations of learners. 

In this age of mobile tech, there is a need for modern and smart learning strategies to connect with the digital generations. The new generations use a smartphone by choice and on their schedule.  They regularly multitask so mobile learning is the perfect way to train such users.   Even more importantly is giving them a way to engage directly with the people that do the work or know the topic and aren’t just ‘trainers’ or ‘teachers’.   Take a look at YouTube, TikTok or Amazon reviews and you will see that user-generated content has won the war in many ways. 

We are on the verge of a new paradigm in learning.  The paradigm of Community Learning.   

What is Community Learning

Community learning is user-generated learning that can be shared and consumed by everyone in a community.

Harvard suggests “Learning communities provide a space and a structure for people to align around a shared goal. Effective communities are both aspirational and practical. They connect people, organizations, and systems that are eager to learn and work across boundaries, all the while holding members accountable to a common agenda, metrics, and outcomes. These communities enable participants to share results and learn from each other, thereby improving their ability to achieve rapid yet significant progress.”

The focus area could be a topic, course of study or anything that an organization wants to capture the power of the crowd to achieve learning for all participants. 

How Learnie helps in community learning? 

Learnie is a mobile first distinctive learning platform that allows community members to gain knowledge in a fast, engaging, and fun way.  It groups people and user-generated video & microlearning courses together to create a community of learning.  Organizations can brand and own a community to capture the power of the crowd.   It really is all about democratization and decentralization of learning.  The ability to allow everyone to create or even if you have only authorized creators, gives the power of learning to the learners themselves. 

All the courses are generated in a sequence of microlearning bursts that present the idea rapidly.   Threaded discussions under the courses give additional social interaction and collaboration. 

Mobile, Video & Micro lead to community learning

Community learning must be mobile first.  It is required because people are always on the move and always have their smartphone in their pocket when they need it.  The world is mobile and if we don’t put learning in everyone’s hand we won’t be effective. 

Faster learning is a key advantage of mobile learning caused by consuming bite-sized pieces of information. As the information delivered is small, the content is concise and crisp. Consuming small and useful information helps to avoid cognitive overload and enhance the learning process.

Higher retention is another benefit offered by mobile learning. The concise content in the form of bite-sized bursts in mobile learning platforms provides huge flexibility to students to start and complete courses at their convenience. Such flexibility leads to high retention of the content, better completion rates, and highly impactful user experience of mobile learning.  Higher retention leads to behavior change and a better learning outcome. 

Democratization of learning is the best thing about Community learning.  Democratization means the best content is shared and rises to the top.  Democratization allows viral learning experiences that the digital generations have come to expect to happen. Let your most powerful asset, your crowd, capture their knowledge.   Untethered, on-demand, collaborative and empowered. 

Availability is the unique advantage of mobile learning which provides access to content 24/7. Whenever members need some information whether, at home, school, or outing, they can just pick up their smartphone and get help from the data available on the internet. That on-time availability to content lays a strong foundation for the student’s performance. 

About Learnie 

Learnie is user-generated video & mobile microlearning.  Learnie is a complete paradigm shift in how to think about learning systems. It is the way to create and share engaging user-generated video courses. Courses are user-generated and built in a series of microlearning bursts. Everyone can share their unique skills or knowledge in Learnie. Let your people, students, customers or teams capture and share their expertise. Learnie Business is how organizations have their own private space on the Learnie Platform. 


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