Why Use Learnie Business?

Are you thinking about trying something new?

If you’re tired of the pains of onboarding, offboarding, losing institutional memory and people just browning out on your important content…it’s time to try Learnie! 

We’re a Community Microlearning platform that caters to the learner on-the-go. We’ve made it as easy to create and consume our learning content as any social media app!

Most learning platforms are pricey, boring and lack context to the learner…Learnie is exactly what the modern learner wants: bite-sized learning, from peers, with mind blowing retention rates.

Learnie & Aimee Copeland

Unlock the Good! As part of our mission, for every Learnie Business community sold, we will donate a Learnie Business community to a qualifying non-profit!

Talk to us!

Let a member of the Learnie team to walk you through setting up and show you all the great administration features of Learnie Business. Please schedule a Calendly meeting below: