Let’s use business as a force for good!

Learnie Impact

At Learnie, our mission is to democratize and decentralize learning.

We think rigid, expensive, top down learning is broken and we can fix it with community microlearning…the perfect fit for today’s distracted learners.

  • We’re calling on communities of all shapes and sizes to learn together and make an impact at their work, in their community…and in their lives.
  • Our impact goal for your organization is the same whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit: behavior change.
  • We’re bringing learners together in a community setting to encourage participation, hone critical thinking capability and increase retention of content to help everyone reach their maximum potential.

We’re using Learnie as a force for good. We’ve built several impact business models where we make learning approachable and accessible, addressing all stakeholders and leaving no one behind in the process.