Build Community and Tight Teams!

Engage, Inspire & Retain Your Retail Staff With Learnie: Community Microlearning. 

Learnie’s Community Microlearning brings your teams together through peer-based conversational microlessons. From culture to compliance to complicated assemblies, Learnie helps retailers build social, mobile, learning communities and prevents staff turnover through:
  • In app video microlessons shared by peers
  • Training at the point of need
  • Perfect for the distracted, deskless workforce

Our hands-on Professional Services Team will get you and your teams using Learnie in just days.

Learnie’s affordable community based learning environment helps you:

  • Save tons of time and money on new hires
  • Get your staff up to speed quickly wherever they are
  • Create customized training with your teams on your topics
  • Monitor all progress with Learnie’s analytics dashboard

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Learnie is impact driven!

Learnie & Aimee Copeland

As a Certified B-Corp, we are using Learnie as a force for good in the world today. As an impact business, we want to lift the communities where Learnie is being used.

When you invest in Learnie, we invest in your community with a free license of Learnie to any qualifying nonprofit of your choice.