The Perfect Fit for today’s distracted Learners.


At Learnie, we’re democratizing and decentralizing learning. 

Check out this Learnie from our Head of Impact, Michael LeFort:

Learning is broken…it’s boring, expensive and lacks context.

With an increase in remote learners as well as distracted, disengaged and deskless workers…we need a solution! Meet Learnie: byte sized learning from peers, with mind bending retention rates. Check out our three award-winning community microlearning apps:

Learnie for Everyone – our impact-driven free app available in the app stores. Learnie for Everyone offers the chance to hone critical thinking, contribute to the microlearning community and develop skills through accessible and approachable learning.

Learnie Business – our SaaS-based subscription allows organizations to easily create secure, branded microlearning communities of all sizes for training, sales, marketing and institutional memory building. Learnie Business is available in iOS, Android, AppSumo, Google Marketplace & Salesforce appexchange as well as traditional Enterprise sales.

Learnie Pay$ – If you’re an influencer, creator, instructor, nonprofit or small business, add an easy paywall to your microlearning community with no up-front costs! Where other platforms offer just pennies for your expertise…Learnie Pay$. Share your knowledge, earn your share!

As a member of the B Corp community, we’re using Learnie as a force for good. Every time we sell a license, we donate a license to a qualifying nonprofit. We’re proud to be associated with companies that are collectively transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

Contact us today for a demo of Learnie Business or download our Free Learnie For Everyone app in the app stores below:

Train & educate your modern workforce the way they want to learn!

  • Mobile App-Based
  • User-Generated 
  • On-Demand and at the Point-of-Need
  • Microlearning Video Bursts
  • Add Quizzes, Polls and Other Content 
  • Mind Bending Retention
  • Capture the Knowledge of Your Organization
  • Create Public and Private Communities

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David Southwick - MBA, CPA

"This app is awesome. So simple to create microlearning and push it to the people I'm training. I'm using Learnie cohorts to train our Franchise owners and it is literally as easy as TikTok to create a course."

Learnie & Aimee Copeland to Make Learning & Life More Accessible

“Education is key to our All-Terrain Georgia program, which requires that users practice safe and sustainable riding behaviors in our state parks” stated Aimee Copeland. “Learnie’s technology is a perfect fit for providing our training materials to participants while also building a learning community of bidirectional information sharing that helps us improve our programs.”
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