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At Learnie, we’re on a mission to democratize and decentralize learning to help all people reach their greatest potential.

Check out this Learnie about Learnie from our Head of Impact, Michael LeFort:

With an increase in remote learners as well as distracted, disengaged and deskless workers…we need a solution!

Meet Learnie: byte sized learning from peers, with mind bending retention rates. Check out our award-winning community microlearning apps:


Learnie is different.

  • SAAS-based Specialist Learning System
    Bolted into any learning ecosystem to add community
  • Subscription platform with:
    • Private branded microlearning communities,
    • Curriculum builders
    • Screen record
    • User analytics
    • 30,000 EMSI Skills
    • xAPI integration and much more.
  • Admins control who creates and consumes Learnies at the community level.

For each license sold, Learnie donates a license to a qualifying nonprofit, as part of our mission.

Content creators are tired of being ripped off!
  • With Learnie Pay$, there’s finally, a place where creators can share their knowledge and earn their share, compared to less creator friendly terms of competition
    • No monthly fees
    • 85/15 rev split
  • Launched in July of ‘22, Learnie Pay$ is growing quickly and being embraced predominantly by women and people of color.
  • Onboarding includes training on the platform, content development, sales and marketing support, as well as incentive dollars for those that qualify.

Learnie Pay$ is helping underserved populations launch content businesses without socioeconomic or sociopolitical obstacles. Where other creator platform offer pennies, Learnie Pay$!

David Southwick - MBA, CPA

"This app is awesome. So simple to create microlearning and push it to the people I'm training. I'm using Learnie cohorts to train our Franchise owners and it is literally as easy as TikTok to create a course.".

Learnie & Aimee Copeland to Make Learning & Life More Accessible

“Education is key to our All-Terrain Georgia program, which requires that users practice safe and sustainable riding behaviors in our state parks” stated Aimee Copeland. “Learnie’s technology is a perfect fit for providing our training materials to participants while also building a learning community of bidirectional information sharing that helps us improve our programs.”
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