Transforming workforce Learning for Good

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Why Community Microlearning?

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Learnie battles what we’re hearing over and over from customers:

  • Learners can’t take another boring LMS
  • Super high employee turnover is a drain on businesses
  • Millennial Gen Z workforce very hard to train but will stay with you if you invest in their skills and job progression
  • Need for a rapid upskilling, training solution “in the field”
  • Why not train the workforce the same way they liked to be entertained with conversational, user-generated, short form video

Unlock the Good!

As an impact business, we’re committed to helping all people reach their greatest potential at work, at home and in the community.

With Learnie Business, we make an impact every time we sell a license and donate one license to a qualifying nonprofit of the customer’s choice.

The gifted licensee will be supported by the same Client Success Team as the corporate customer.

We also offer Impact Pricing available to members of the B Corp community, Nonprofits & Underserved Business Owners.

Learnie’s mission is deeply aligned with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: #4 – Quality Education and #8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth.

We’re committed to using Learnie as a force for good in the world.  To learn more about how we make and measure impact with our Learnie Impact Model, click here.

David Southwick - MBA, CPA

"This app is awesome. So simple to create microlearning and push it to the people I'm training. I'm using Learnie cohorts to train our Franchise owners and it is literally as easy as TikTok to create a course.".

Learnie & Aimee Copeland to Make Learning & Life More Accessible

“Education is key to our All-Terrain Georgia program, which requires that users practice safe and sustainable riding behaviors in our state parks” stated Aimee Copeland. “Learnie’s technology is a perfect fit for providing our training materials to participants while also building a learning community of bidirectional information sharing that helps us improve our programs.”
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