Microlearning for the modern workforce

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“Learnie is a versatile learning and training solution designed to cater to the needs of both SMB and larger enterprises. Learnie serves as an instant learning and training platform tailored for deskless and frontline employees as well as a social learning and collaboration community that can augment any traditional learning system.” 

John Leh, Talented Learning


“Learning on Learnie has been a great experience. I get the advantage of being able to search specific topics, having the ability to browse quickly through tutorials. On Learnie, mentors can  customized topics through tags, or even in specific sequence, through Journeys. 

Most importantly, Learnie enables us to be a dynamic team. Updates to training are quick an easy. 

I can see this platform being part of the new industry standard for training and sharing knowledge internally. The 3DTD team is very happy that we found this platform.”

Sarapong Pansahatham, 3D Technical Design

“Learnie’s technology is a perfect fit for providing our training materials to participants while also building a learning community of bidirectional information sharing that helps us improve our programs.”

Aimee Copeland – All-Terrain Georgia

Working with the Learnie Team has been an amazing experience.  Their innovative ideas and their helping nature has made it so easy for us at Aimee Copeland Foundation to integrate Learnie into our All Terrain Georgia program.  We use it for our Safety Course and Safety quiz, which makes our program the first of its kind in the nation. Learnie helped us accomplish something no other organization had done yet, and we are eternally grateful for their help and partnership!”  

Melanie S. Dunn, Assistant Director Amy Copeland Foundation


“This app is awesome. So simple to create microlearning and push it to the people I’m training. I’m using Learnie cohorts to train our Franchise owners and it is literally as easy as TikTok to create a course.”.

David Southwick – MBA

I have been with Learnie for the last 6 months and I am so glad I started”

Flo, Learnie Pay$ creator