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What's a Learnie

A Learnie is a microlearning course made up of learning bursts which can be made by anyone via mobile or web. 

What are learning bursts

Learning bursts are unlimited :30 second video lessons which are created and uploaded in-app or via YouTube. Cognitive breaks in between bursts provide quizzes, polls, surveys and links. 

How can I use learnie?

Learnie For Everyone is free in the app stores and Learnie Business is available as subscriptions. See below for details. 

Learnie Everyone

  • Free & Unlimited Use
  • Share with Friends
  • Microlearning on 1,000s of subject areas
  • Transcripts
  • Profiles

Learnie Business

  • Private Cohorts Learning Journey Curricula
  • YouTube Uploads
  • Branded for Your Biz or Org
  • Reporting and Community Analytics
  • Impact Metrics