Learnie For Everyone

Everyone is an expert at something:

Meet Learnie, the free awesome app for teaching and learning from your peers!

Learnie for Everyone provides a community microlearning opportunity to anyone with access to a smartphone and to join in the growing movement of social learning. Utilizing our transcripts for work, school and community, this is a chance to help today’s distracted learners become more critical thinkers and reach their greatest potential.

As a public benefit corporation that is now an official pending B Corp (YAY!), we’re committed to using Learnie as a force for good in the world across an array of impact business models.

One of these impact models which drives our mission of democratizing and decentralizing learning is our free app, Learnie for Everyone…

  • It’s free now and will always be free.
  • We do not sell any data, analytics or information of our users
  • We will never sell ads

Learnie for Everyone has been distinguished with many awards so check out our accolades here, and download our free mobile app at the links below:

You can also visit our web version of Learnie for Everyone, most often used as admin for Learnie Enterprise licensees, it’s a great place to watch Learnies and see what community microlearning is all about. The best experience by far, however, is our app! So, join the Learnie community and #LetsLearnieTogether!