Companies are constantly trying to improve their employees by using training programs. Some work, but many do not. In a previous blog it was mentioned that Free-Standing training or Stand Alone training was a great fit for Microlearning. In this piece we will delve into WHY that is true. First – what do we mean by free standing training? Free standing or stand-alone training provides targeted knowledge bursts for learners when they need it. It meets immediate needs and fills skills gaps through focused, quick, customizable learning.

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Key things to know about free standing or stand-alone training:

So why is MicroLearning a great fit?

There are 5 main reasons why microlessons are a perfect fit for free standing training. Let’s delve into them!

  1. Flexibility – Microlessons can be taken anytime, anywhere at the learner’s convenience since they are self-contained units not tied to a broader curriculum. This makes them ideal for free standing training.
  2. Bite-sized – Microlessons deliver content in short 3-5 minute chunks. This bite-sized approach works well for free standing training where learners are looking for quick knowledge bursts.
  3. Variety – With microlessons, learners can pick and choose lessons that interest them rather than follow a mandated curriculum. This variety appeals to free standing training.
  4. Relevance – Microlessons are focused on discrete skills or knowledge goals. This targeted relevancy lends itself to free standing training where learners want applicable information.
  5. Cost – Developing and distributing microlessons is generally affordable and scalable, especially compared to traditional learning programs. This cost-effectiveness enables delivery of free standing training.

The adaptability, brevity, customization, targeted focus, and low cost of microlessons make them a great match for delivering free standing training outside traditional learning environments. 

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