The ideas behind microlearning have been around for a long time, deliver content in a short, succinct way by condensing large amounts of information into bite-sized segments. Teachers and trainers have been using this learning strategy for years. Even if you aren’t a teacher or trainer, you have probably experienced some form of microlearning when you tried to explain something new or give directions for how to get someplace. It’s not difficult for us to see that small, short bursts of information are easier for our brains to process, especially when we are learning something new.

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Obviously, technology has transformed learning. Most of us have a smartphone with Internet access and we automatically reach for our devices to get information throughout the day.  For example, when we need driving directions, we enter the address of our destination, and the app will guide us to where we need to go in short steps. Having those short steps pop up as we drive along makes it much easier to follow the directions. The reason for this is simple, processing small amounts of information reduces the cognitive load, especially when we are learning something new.

We love having the ability to find information easily and learn something new right at-the-moment we need it whether it’s driving directions, a YouTube video, or a Google search. Because we love it, and we see the value of microlearning in our personal lives it makes sense that we want to have this ability to learn at the point of need in our work lives as well.

At Learnie, we believe that microlearning is the most efficient way to share information in the workplace whether it’s onboarding new employees, training field service technicians, or addressing the skills gaps in your organization. The app can be used to create microlearning experiences that are short, focused, and effective that can be easily accessed by learners at the point of need. Learnie’s platform integrates the concept of microlearning with technology to make a powerful tool for enhancing workforce training that provides a user experience that’s as easy as picking up your smart phone.

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