If you are reading this, you may know about the benefits of microlearning and learning experiences that are focused, short, and engaging. Microlearning can be used in a variety of ways and planning microlearning content is the first step to success. Let’s take a brief look at the ways that Learnie’s microlearning technology can be used to develop learner-centric workplace training that will revolutionize the way employees acquire new knowledge and skills.

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Preparation: Pre-learning activities are designed to engage learners, introduce concepts, and provide background information. Assigning articles or e-learning lessons in preparation for training can be an effective strategy for pre-learning but finding time to complete them can be an obstacle. A short, 5-6 minute, microlearning lesson can replace an article or e-learning lesson that takes 30 minutes or more to complete. With Learnie’s technology, the information can easily be consumed on your mobile device, a short burst can be reviewed in the time it takes to send a text message.

Reinforcement, repetition, and follow-up: Follow up is critical to any training, whether in-person or online. We know that repetition and reinforcement are key to good learning but most training falls short in supporting learning in this way. With Learnie’s technology, content that reinforces learning is created quickly and easily, and it can be accessed by learners through a drip-feed or on their own schedule.

Stand alone training: There are some topics, i.e. soft skills or compliance, that employees probably already know something about even if they haven’t been formally trained. Learnie’s content library offers microlessons for onboarding and business basics, and the flexibility of our technology makes it easy to customize them to meet the needs of your organization. 

Performance support: You’re in the middle of a task and you forget the next step…do you call someone, click the help button, or search your training materials? Being able to access the information that we need at that moment is called performance support. With Learnie’s flexibility and content creation tools, SMEs can create just-in-time content that can be accessed at the point of need. The ability to quickly access information at the moment you are performing the task and need assistance increases efficiency in the workplace.

Microlearning powered by Learnie’s innovative technology opens up a world of possibilities for learner-centric workplace training. Whether it’s preparing employees with quick, mobile-friendly pre-learning materials, reinforcing knowledge through easily accessible content, providing standalone training on essential topics, or offering invaluable performance support, Learnie empowers organizations to revolutionize the way knowledge and skills are acquired. With Learnie, the daunting task of planning microlearning content becomes a seamless and efficient process, ultimately leading to a more engaged and skilled workforce. Embrace the future of learning and watch your employees thrive like never before.

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