Methodologies & Research

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We’re super proud to be both a Utah-based Public benefit Corp and a certified Pending B Corp. These important designations in our effort to use Learnie as a force for good help us to operationalize the impact we feel in our hearts and minds.

To achieve our status with all regulators and stakeholders, including B Lab, and to achieve full certification by the end of ‘22, we have developed and are executing several impact business models, including:

  • Providing Learnie for Everyone Free to All Forever
  • Providing Learnie Enterprise free to qualifying non-profits
  • Developing the Learnie Marketplace to allow content creators to share their knowledge and earn their share
  • Developing the Learnie Impact Foundation to benefit vulnerable youth 
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Employee Volunteerism


For each of these models, we prove our behavior change and measure our impact, by combining data and narrative from individuals at work, at home and in the community.  This is at the heart of The Learnie Impact Model which is customized to each organization:  community microlearning analytics, nudge learning metrics, community activation data and impact reporting.  This Impact Reporting will be made available to multi-stakeholders on the client side as well as the certifying bodies to which Learnie is held accountable.

#LetsLearnieTogether and make a change!


Research & Inspiration

We’ve authored a variety of pieces on why learning is broken and how we can make an impact through behavior change in learning at home, at work and in the community. Enjoy these articles:

Community and user-generated content 

Learning with Community

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