Join the Community-Learning movement with LearnieCohort.

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Who can use LearnieCohort?

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Businesses, small teams, large teams, schools, classes, tutors, trainers: Organizations of any size and shape or individuals that want to have a private area for their Learnie courses. If you want a piece of Learnie that is completely private to your group, this is for you.

Why do people use LearnieCohort?

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Teams and individuals share user-generated video learning and share with each other. Have the best sales person create a Learnie about how they sell and share with the entire team. Or have your best people record how they work and use that as an onboarding program. When your best create and share on Learnie then everyone gets better. On Learnie everyone is a teacher, share with the company or just one person.

What is LearnieCohort?

LearnieCohort is simply a private area for your group to learn in. You will have your private area and we can even set it up so that people in your Cohort won’t see the world of public Learnie courses.

You get access to all the same features of Learnie. Rapid user generated microlearning video content. Learning burst with engagement questions embedded. Polls, sharing and all the social features that make Learnie amazing. A learner can sit in multiple cohorts and one person can own multiple cohorts – Cohorts also come with reporting so you can see who has completely which courses and much more.

Learnie Journeys let you create notification based curriculums in your Cohorts to give a path to getting someone through the most critical content. Brand your organizational Cohort with logo and colors!

How do you get LearnieCohort?

LearnieCohort can be set up in a couple ways right now. You can create your own cohort by following these directions or contact us and we can give you pricing to set up larger groups or multiple cohorts.

Download the mobile app to get started.

This app is awesome. So simple to create microlearning and push it to the people I’m training. I’m using Learnie Cohorts to train our Franchise owners and it is literally as easy as TikTok to create a course.”

David Southwick – MBA, CPA