Learnie for Everyone is always free to use. Create as much content as you like and share with whomever you want. If you love the way Community-learning happens in Learnie with video microlearning, but want to have the ability to group people and content in a private or public way, then look no further. Welcome to Learnie Enterprise.

If you need larger Enterprise cohorts or multiple cohorts for your organization please contact us and let us help you get Community Learning set up for you today. If you can start with one cohort, check out this Learnie on how to subscribe and setup it up.

Up to 20 members
  • per month
Up to 50 members
  • per month
Up to 100 members
  • per month
For large or multi-cohort needs
  • per year

The pricing above is available to purchase as a subscription by simply downloading the app on either the App Store or Google Play and going to the profile screen (bottom right button) and clicking on the Cohort button (upper left button). After purchasing the cohort you will be able to name and admin it. Add people or create a link to share for people to automatically join your cohort. Decide if you want to restrict Learnie creators or let the crowd create, you get to configure the cohort to exactly how you want it.

Profile page

Add whoever you want to the cohort. Upload a csv file with email addresses, add emails or an entire domain name to get people to join. Also you can use the link feature auto-enroll. If you want to learn quickly about how to best use Learnie, check out our help page and watch some Learnie courses about Learnie!

Cohort Management

Then let your people start creating and Learnies and at any time come back to this cohort management page to access reporting and management on the cohort. Learn more about cohort management here. Log into the web version to access advanced Learnie management features here (after logging in, go to profile section and click on cohort button).