If you love the way Community-learning happens in Learnie with user generated video microlearning, but want to have the ability to group people and content in a private or public way, then look no further. Welcome to Learnie Enterprise.

If you need larger Enterprise cohorts or multiple cohorts for your organization please contact us and let us help you get Community Learning set up for you today. If you can start with one cohort by simply following the directions below and signing up for a subscription through Apple App store or Google Play. Read on to find out how.

Up to 20 members

  • per month

Up to 50 members

  • per month

Up to 100 members

  • per month

Contact for multiple cohorts or more than 500 users

  • per year

The pricing above is available to purchase as a subscription by simply downloading the app on either the App Store or Google Play.  Find out more here