How to buy a private Learnie community in the app stores

The pricing above is available to purchase as a subscription by simply downloading the app on either the App Store or Google Play and going to the profile screen (bottom right button) and clicking on the Community button (upper right button).

1) Download the app.

2) Click on the bottom left button (Profile) and then click community button in the upper right.

3) Pick your cohort size.

4) Log into and log into with your account to customize your cohort. 

Check out the directions below! 


You will then have these options to chose from:

After purchasing the cohort you will be able to name and admin it. You can admin your cohort from the mobile app but there is significantly more functionality in the web Admin version ( After logging in, go to profile section and click on ADMIN button to access your admin console. There you will be able to configure, brand your cohort, manage content, people and more.


If you want to learn quickly about how to administer Learnie, check out our help page and watch some Learnie courses about Learnie!

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