Get Started

Watch this Learnie and follow the steps below:

Ready to start earning money by creating and growing a community of people that are learning together? Follow these simple steps and start earning today:

Go to to set up your Stripe Account. 

Already have a stripe account? Go to Step 2.

1) Go to and create an account or log into your Learnie account.


2) Then click in the community button in the upper right.          

3) Choose “Set up Learnie Pay$”       


4) Select “Connect your Stripe Account”     



6) Connect your Stripe account. This will open up a new window. Check to make sure your browser isn’t blocking the popup. Then log in if you have a Stripe account. 

1) After you connect your Stripe account, you will come back to this screen and then you will select: “Create a New Learnie Pay$ Community”

2) Fill in the information for your community. We recommend setting your price at least at $3.99. You can set any price but with Stripe fees at 3.99 you will receive 74% of the proceeds. If you’re priced at $10 per month you will be earning 78% of the monthly proceeds.

3) You will then be landed on the Learnie Pay$ admin page. The link button (see below) will allow you to get a link you can market and share with potential subscribers. When they click on that they will be given a process to join your community and pay the monthly subscription.

Go to the Learnie Partner Checklist and make sure you’ve completed all the tasks to get activated and start earning. 

What you get for FREE as a Learnie Pay$ Partner:

If you’re sick of getting ripped off by other content platforms, come over to Learnie Pay$. It’s ZERO cost to set up and you keep 85% of the subscription price you set,  minus Stripe fees. Here’s what you get for FREE:
  • ✴Your Marketing Splash Page 
  • ✴Your intro Learnie in the free public Learnie app to market your community 
  • ✴One marketing post on each of these Learnie social channels: Linked In, Instagram, FaceBook and TikTok
  • ✴Social media and email templates for personal use
  • ✴Access to our strategists and on-boarders
  • ✴ Learnie LaunchPad access
  • ✴ Example scripts on how to create content for your Learnies including your welcome Learnie, etc.
  • ✴ Opportunity to qualify to participate in the Learnie Pay$ Incentive Program where we invest in you to help you launch your Learnie Pay$ business!

Want to know more about why Learnie Pay$ is right for you?

Book a meeting via Calendly with a member of the Learnie team to find out about our amazing features and how we can help you launch your content business with Zero startup costs.