Become an affiliate partner!

Refer Learnie Business to your network and earn 15% commission by joining our Affiliate Partner Program!

We’re proud to partner with LinkMink – the industry leading affiliate platform – to deliver the Learnie Affiliate program ensuring you get credit for every referral. SO, it’s got good bones and easily integrates with our Stripe partners.

With this partnership, our program provides:

  • Super Easy Commissions
    You’ll be assigned a unique tracking code, accessible in our LinkMink portal.
  • 15% lifetime recurring commission on all monthly*
    Just sign up to get your unique referral link and start earning.
  • 90-Day cookie period
    If a Learnie customer clicks your link and signs up within 90 days, you get paid:)
  • Promotional Assets
    We have a treasure trove of digital assets you can use to reach your audience!
  • Recurring Traffic, Recurring Revenue
    Our members pay us monthly, which means we pay you monthly too. Once you refer a business owner or someone that signs up to a Learnie Business account to us, you earn a recurring commission for as long as that person is a customer of Learnie.

Are you ready to dive in?

Sign up on LinkMink and start reaping the rewards of being our affiliate!


15% of the recurring subscription. 

Monthly and within 7 days of the payment to Learnie.

You can offer a 30 day free to your customers with the coupon code ‘30DaysFree’ they can use at checkout.