Getting Started

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Whether you’re a company looking to engage employees on a variety of issues or an organization seeking improvement on a social impact issue in the community, Learnie has a model to help all people make change in the way they learn and retain content.

 The Learnie Impact Model combines on-demand, peer to peer microburst learning, nudge theory, community activation and impact reporting to prove behavior change in individuals, work groups and community organizations.

 After you’ve fallen in love with Learnie during one of our inspiring and entertaining demos, we’ll get your organization onboarded into the Learnie Impact Model in three easy steps: 

  1. Develop Your Impact Goals with our Impact Team
  2. Activate Your Community with Learnie’s Community Team
  3. Welcome to Learnie! With Our Product Team


The Learnie Impact Model supports learning behavior change programs in HR, employee engagement, marketing, training and of course social impact across the corporate and non-profit sector.

By combining community microlearning technology, community activation programming and our Learnie impact reporting, we can prove to all stakeholders the impact we are making in people’s lives in a variety of settings.