Why we think Learnie is cool

In this age of technology and the internet, there is a need for modern and smart learning strategies to teach millennials and digital natives. The computer and internet technology offers access to learning content and gaining information. The new generation uses a smartphone by choice and on their schedule, unlike an older generation who didn’t grow up with the new technologies. 

If you think about it, every learning experience is now competing with apps like tictok or production level quality content like Netflix. We live in world now of competing attention and often it is Learning vs. Entertainment.

Digital natives want to access information rapidly at any time they want and they assume to get the information in this way. They regularly multitask so mobile learning is the perfect way to train such users. 

With the increase in popularity of mobile learning, online companies like Learnie have created strong learning strategies that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and using any device. Learnie app offers unlimited access to a huge library of engaging, high-quality content from leading professionals, both online and offline. 

How Learnie helps in teaching

Learnie application is a distinctive learning platform that allows teachers and students to gain knowledge in a fast, engaging, and fun way. This app offers micro-learning sessions on different topics in 30-second pieces including high-quality videos, question answers, and keen subject specialists. The app is appropriate for users above 13 years age and easily accessible from Google play store. We really think it comes in handy to help prepare for face to face (or zoom) lessons.

Mobile applications like Learnie are the wonderful learning solutions that provide teachers and students a compelling way to share and record content in an exciting way. All the courses are generated in a sequence of microlearning fragments that present the idea rapidly. You can find each type of content from simple to complex to learn everything from a single app. 

Learning, revising, and studying new information can be boring and tedious. Students from this fast digital age always want some new ways to digest content. Learnie just does this for learners. Learnie app also helps teachers in many ways. The content teacher creates and engages their students with microlearning settings that can be accessed outside the class and students can learn it from anywhere at any time. The app is very useful for learners who want to enjoy visual and auditory learning.

The use of smartphones and mobiles is increasing day by day. With the more awareness of people with mobiles, tablets, and other smart devices, their urge to use them in all fields of their lives will enhance the development of mobile learning apps. Young employees already believe that smartphones are a convenient and easy way to reach the content. There is a huge chance for online learning providers in the future.  The applications like Learnie has foreseen the trend, providing an on-demand solution that enables users to learn on their own time, at their own pace and finally help them achieve the skills they require to be more successful and effective in their career. 

Mobile learning: Learning need for Digital natives 

Faster learning is a key advantage of mobile learning caused by consuming bite-sized pieces of information. Moving towards microlearning has been greatly affected by the use of mobile phones as a mode of learning. As the information delivered is small, the content is concise and crisp. Consuming small and useful information helps to avoid cognitive overload and enhance the learning process.

Higher retention is another benefit offered by mobile learning. The concise content in the form of bite-sized bursts in mobile learning platforms provides huge flexibility to students to start and complete courses at their convenience. Such flexibility leads to high retention of the content, better completion rates, and highly impactful user experience of mobile learning.

Engaging design formats offered by mobile learning includes animated videos, interactive sessions, and many others that are very popular among learners and students. This type of customization in learning enhance the engagemtn of the learner and also assist them to stay on track with their lessons.

Personalization of learning or flexibility is the best thing about mobile learning. Both students and teachers can learn at their own pace. Various sorts of dynamic material and teaching methods can be utilized to great effect. This whole flexibility implies that mobile learning is the right suite for customized learning. Personalized learning means that learners can use their mobiles to access useful content, course material, and test, etc. that have been customized to their abilities and taste.

Availability is the unique advantage of mobile learning which provides access to content 24/7. Whenever students need some information whether, at home, school, or outing, they can just pick up their smartphone and get help from the data available on the internet. That on-time availability to content lays a strong foundation for the student’s performance. 

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